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Daily Journal Prompts

CF Daily Journal Prompts 

By now, you've most likely already received your introduction text with instructions when you signed up!

It should look something like this: 

"Welcome to your #CauseFitness journaling journey! Starting today, you will get a fresh journal prompt every day.

*Note: There are two repeating prompts. This is for the purpose of reflecting back on your journey of growth, both personally, and in your relationship with God over the course of time.*

Set a timer for 5-10 to write for some daily soul-fitness. You are worth the investment!”

It's as simple as that! 

Journalling my prayers, thoughts, and heart's cries to the Lord, and documenting His 'Rhema' words to me over the years, has been such a gift! It's been a journey of healing and growth, and I've built trust and intimacy in relationship with Jesus through it -- which I wouldn't trade for anything. His words written down are treasures and weapons of faith! 

My hope is that this daily text feature helps you start or dive deeper with Him, and learn more about yourself to honor your heart along the way too!


Grace + Peace,


CF Journal Prompts

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth