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March 2022: Jason Vallotton - Emotional Fitness

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

March 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Jason Vallotton

Topics: Emotional prosperity, forgiveness

Jason Vallotton is an avid outdoorsman who thrives in adversity and adventure with a heart to see emotional prosperity increase through pastoring, counseling, teaching, and equipping. He serves on the Senior Leadership Team and Core Team at Bethel Church, Redding. As the Founder of BraveCo—a global men’s movement—and overseer of the Bethel Transformation Center, he has helped thousands of men and women discover their God-given identity, find freedom, and walk out their true calling. His personal testimony, insight, and wisdom have brought powerful breakthroughs to difficult situations for both leaders and families. Jason lives in Redding, CA, with his beautiful wife Lauren and their children.

More information:

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April 2022: Tinasha LaRayé - Rest & Play

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

April 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Tinasha LaRayé

Topics: Rest & Play

Tinasha LaRayé is a poet, pastor, actress, and filmmaker who has an intense passion to tell stories of diversity worldwide. As a communicator, she intersects spirituality and creativity to tackle big topics such as leadership, race, culture, and creative renaissance. Tinasha is also a budding author who desires to tackle subjects of faith, racial redemption, and creativity. Her upcoming eBook, “The Reformation of Belonging,” is a resource crafted to equip the body of Christ to reclaim the disciple’s lifestyle of connection that builds a Kingdom culture of belonging. Available mid 2022.

More information: @iamtinashalaraye

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May 2022: Jessica (Soza) Woollen - Unlocking Your Voice

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

May 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Jessica (Soza) Woollen

Topics: Unlocking Your Voice; Freedom From Self-Abandonment

Jessica (Soza) Woollen is a powerful spirit-led vocal coach based out of Los Angeles, CA. She has a huge passion to help people connect their heart to their voice. She is a classically trained soprano and toured Europe as Maria in the International Tour of West Side Story before finding her true passion in emotional health. She is a Voice and Speech specialist in the performing arts, and has her Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance and Master’s degree in Acting for Performance Pedagogy. Her life's work is uncovering the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical blocks that inhibit someone from their authentic voice.

More information: Vocal Identity - @vocalidentity

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June 2022: Hannah Babarskis - Finding Connection (or Reconnection) to Jesus

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

June 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Hannah Babarskis

Topic: Finding Connection (or Reconnection) to Jesus

Hannah Babarskis is a pastor, writer, and mystic. Her passion is to see culture both created and transformed into the image of Christ. After growing up on the mission field in Irian Jaya, Indonesia this desire was solidified in her when she radically encountered the Holy Spirit in the Swiss mountains while studying Intercultural Studies in University. She has been pastoring at Bethel’s Supernatural School of Ministry alongside itinerate ministry where she leads people into deeper encounter with the person of Jesus and union with the Holy Spirit.

More information: @hannahbabarskis

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July 2022: Justin Allen - Time and Seasons

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

July 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Justin Allen

Topics: Time & Seasons (spiritual and practical)

Justin Allen is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and advisor to leaders in every arena. He interned and traveled with Dr. Randy Clark, who personally mentored him. Justin is a graduate of Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry, a former Associate Evangelist for the Ministries of Global Awakening, and a globally recognized prophetic teacher, trainer, and equipper – He’s ministered in over 10 nations with miracles, signs, wonders, healings, and deliverance following, all before age 35. He operates in a unique boldness that releases the gift of faith in individuals who seem to feel like a victim of circumstance (which is one of the first things I noticed about his posts on social media). So powerful. His heart is to see the kingdom released in all nations and people restored through pure and powerful prophetic ministry. Justin is also a husband, father, and lover of the Godhead.

Projects, current and upcoming:

In 2021 Justin and his wife, Amanda, founded Times and Seasons LLC, a coaching, consulting, and publishing company designed to administer the prophetic in every sphere of society.

In July 2022 Justin and Amanda are launching Fortress, a ministry designed to fortify families as a stronghold that will stand the test of time.  

"The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; The God of my strength, in whom I will trust." - 2 Samuel 22:2-3

More information: @justin_allen_official | Website

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August 2022: Rachel Elizabeth - Faith vs Soul

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

August 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Topics: Faith vs. Soul

Rachel Elizabeth is the owner and founder of, a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, an actor, and a missionary, passionate about living a life of holistic health and adventure, surrendered to following the Spirit of God wherever He leads...even when the risk of faith challenges the comfort and perceived safety of soul (mind, will, and emotion). Read more here!

More information: @rachelizabethm | Website (you're on it right now) ;)

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September 2022: Michelle Ragon - Food Freedom

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

September 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Michelle Ragon

Topics: Food Freedom

Michelle is an ex-dietitian turned food freedom enthusiast.  

She used to live in a shame and pain cycle around food, her weight, and her body. Now she lives abundantly free, full of joy, and peace. It's her passion to help women step into this same freedom, so they can live the life Jesus has for them!

Michelle is a South African living in Texas with her incredible husband! She has a degree in Dietetics, completed 3 years at BSSM, and worked for Igniting Hope ministries for over 3 years where she helped spread the powerful message of mind renewal, traveled for ministry, and mentored BSSM students.  

Michelle loves all things travel, coffee, and good-food related. She will also never miss an opportunity to spread joy through her hand-dancing.

More information: @michelle.ragon | Website

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December 2022: Liz Flaherty - Redeemed Sexuality

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

December 2022 - Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Liz G. Flaherty

Topics: Redeemed Sexuality

Liz Flaherty is an ordained minister whose mission is to empower the Church to walk as a disciple of Christ in the fullness of His love. She was on staff at Bethel Church for six years and lead their women’s purity group. She also has served the Changed Movement and spoken at various conferences and church events.

She teaches on the subjects of discipleship, spiritual formation, building healthy relationships, identity, and intimacy with God. Her testimony is one of God’s powerful redemption over sexual brokenness, drug addiction, porn addiction, and depression. She’s written two books called The God of My Parents (an uncensored journey to find identity), and Discover Eden. (I’ll link both in the episode notes).

Liz and her husband, Andy, recently adopted their first child, Hudson, who was born in September of 2022. She also runs a small business called Liz’s Artisan Shop, the profits of which go towards the Flaherty’s mission to adopt children.

More information: @lizgflaherty | MinistryBusiness


The Changed Movement: @changedmvmt | Website

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January 2023: Jessica Shakir - Beauty Revelations

Instructor :  
Rachel Elizabeth

Soul Fit Sessions

Guest Expert: Jessica Shakir

Topics: Revelations of Beauty

Jessica Shakir is a Biblical Beauty Coach and Founder of The Beautiful Mind Academy, a global online community of Jesus-loving women renewing their minds through the Word of God, transforming their worlds through spiritual growth, and living out God's definition of beauty! More info on TBMA below.

Jessica has been working as a Celebrity Hair + Makeup Artist for 25 years with an extensive and impressive celebrity clientele list.

As a TV Beauty Expert, Jessica has been regularly featured on national TV segments on shows including ABC's FABLife and The Dr. Oz Show. She's worked as the Key Hair and Makeup Artist for Praise and Better Together for the Trinity Broadcast Network and has worked on sets of The Talk, Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, and America's Next Top Model.

Jessica's big win is to bring glory to God and goodness to others by living a life full of truth and beauty.

More information: @JessicaShakirBeauty | The Beautiful Mind Academy

Recorded January 2023

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